About Us

Akshaya Micro Finance was started in 2017. Akshaya Micro Finance providing microfinance services to people from poor segments of urban and rural Tamil Nadu. We are offering collateral free loans since our target audiences are low-income profile people. We are deploying both Self Help Group (SHG) and Joint Liability Group (JLG) lending for disbursing the micro credit.

We provide micro/small loans exclusively to self-help groups and poor people in urban and rural Tamil Nadu. These loans are granted to the borrowers essentially for use in their small businesses or other income generating activities and a small portion for personal consumption. These people often have no access to loans from traditional banks or financial institutions and generally borrow from private lenders, who charge very high rates of interest.

We adopt a joint liability group model to provide unsecured loans to our members. This model ensures credit discipline through weekly / fortnightly / monthly meetings, mutual support, and peer pressure within the group to make sure individual members are diligent in utilizing the loan and are prompt in repaying their loans. Because of the joint liability model, failure by an individual of the group to make timely loan payments would ensure the group to make the payment on behalf of the defaulting member or they would use peer pressure to ensure timely payment. Akshaya has achieved significant milestones. Akshaya has grown in the states of Tamilnadu impacting the lives of people and their families substantially.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help. We strongly believe we can achieve this, by providing financial and non-financial services to the poor and thereby recognizing them as a bankable segment. Prompt access to resources and rejuvenating Economic Self Reliance of the socially and economically marginalized and the vulnerable sections of the society.

Our Mission

Facilitating sustainable development of the underprivileged people by promoting access to economic resources to meet their existing and emerging needs as strategic means of implementation.

Our Objective

The main object of the company is to carry on the service of providing financial support to the poor people enabling them to venture into micro enterprise activities to improve their standard of living.

People Empowerment

people from financially weaker section are generally denied credit from mainstream banking services, thus hindering their financial growth prospects and a sustainable livelihood.

Social Impact

The role of microfinance has a positive impact on the society in more ways than one. It plays an important role in eliminating poverty in the society. People, who benefit from microfinance, are more independent and rely less on external forces for financial assistance.

New Initiatives

Inspired by many success stories of microfinance, Akshaya has taken various initiatives to improve the quality of life of our members. Our services in the form of financial assistance have benefitted people in urban, semi-urban and rural areas across the country.